Money Management & Credit Workshops


These workshops can be designed to fix your organizations needs and desire. If you are a church group all of our professional can deliver sound biblical principles in any of the workshops. We are here to meet your needs and challenges. Book Us Now

Managing Your Money - Here we teach the true foundation to creating a budget plan that gives you control and financial power. You will learn:

Mastering Credit - Mastering credit shows you how to build 750+ credit scores without writing letters and within 24 months. You will learn:

Four ways families live with their money.
Identify the purpose of a budget.
Differentiate between gross and net income.
Analyze pay stubs to determine resources available for financial objectives.
Construct a simple budget.
Relate spending and saving to resources available for each.
Explain the benefits of budgeting.
Distinguish between fixed and variable expenses.
Describe the “PYF” (pay-yourself-first) philosophy
Examine a variety of record-keeping methods to be used for the budgeting process.

Compute the amount needed for an emergency fund for a given income.
Reflect on personal finance goals to determine if personal spending is in line with goals.
Recognize the interrelatedness of resources.
Review common personal financial mistakes.
Describe a “bargain.”
Organize important/personal papers in a working file system.
Analyze current earning and spending pattern.

Explain how limited personal financial resources affect the choices people make.
Identify the opportunity cost of financial decisions.
Discuss the importance of taking responsibility for personal financial decisions.
Apply a decision-making process to personal financial decisions.
Design a plan for earning, spending, saving, and investing.
Compare the benefits and costs of spending decisions

The benefits of managing credit well.

How opening credit can drop scores.

Average age of credit history.

How can a consumer build credit from a low score?

Why banks are declining loans more and more?

Are balances on credit accounts updated?

Can a bank list alternative credit?

What is considered alternative credit?

Late payment affects on 780 credit scores.

Is there a benefit of inconsistent updates?

What happens when consumers have no credit?

Do all banks use the fico scores?

Paying patterns and increasing credit score.

Why not co-sign?

Becoming an authorized user on a credit card

Taking Control Now - Is our powerful life changer, this seminar show your how to eliminate debt, build wealth and secure your financial future.




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