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Corporate & Non-Profit Financial Seminar Appearances (Partial Listing)

•Wells Fargo Wealth Tour with Tavis Smiley
•Wells Fargo Wealth Tour with David Bach
• Veteran's Administration Hospital & Credit Union
• United Way of Atlanta IDA Program
• Atlanta Public Schools Parental Services Division
• Mutual Federal Savings Bank (Atlanta, GA)
• AT&T (Atlanta, GA), Sprint USA (Atlanta, GA)
• Bronner Bros. Hair Show (Atlanta, GA) International
• Numerous churches Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC,
• Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta. GA, Capital City
• Southern Christian Leadership Conference
• Guest Speaker, All About Black Business Professional And Entrepreneurs
• Financial Education Provider for State, County, City and Corporate E.A.P.

The Ambassador


Georgia former Secretary of State, Cathy Cox, recognized Wilson for helping citizens “achieve their highest financial goals and improving the future of their families.” In 2005, Secretary Cox acknowledged him as an outstanding citizen for his consumer advocacy work and appointed him as a Goodwill Ambassador to the State of Georgia.

Rob Wilson, the founder of The Wilson Group, has recently decided to focus on his new venture called "Taking Control Now". His goal is to improve the quality of personal financial education to create financial freedom for each person he reaches.

Rob Wilson is a financial coach and author specializing in personal finance and credit. Wilson is passionate about helping people identify their deepest values, set goals and manage the complex decisions and risks involved with dealing with money. He is an zealous consumer advocate, exposing the deceptive practices, egregious fees, scams and unfair practices that derail people’s financial lives.

If there is truth to the statement, “Knowledge is power,” then Rob Wilson is quite a powerful man.  With an incredible track record of educating everyday citizens and corporate executives alike in the areas of money management and financial freedom, Wilson has honestly earned a solid reputation as one of today’s leading financial experts.  He is an outstanding talk show host, and he further utilizes his expertise as a published author and workshop facilitator.

As former Executive Producer and Host of “Solutions and Remedies” in Atlanta, GA his expertise is frequently sought throughout the nation. He has mesmerized audiences on syndicated radio shows: ABC Network Radio's “The John Arnold Show” and the Tom Pope Show just to name a few. It seems only natural that he would become the WealthMaster of the airwaves in his own right.

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